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[su_quote cite=”I.M Jeffery” url=””]When you have authority and disagree with your constituents and decide to flex instead of bend, it only shows how stiff and cramped the journey will be.[/su_quote]

It’s not just about what you think! That’s what I would tell Trump if I could speak to him about some of his actions today.  But I’d rather watch the Cheeseheads play a full game before taking this cheesehead serious.  I was upset about what I found out a few moments ago but I didn’t expect for people to start acting like “Savages” “Thugs” “Hooligans “(you get the drift) and whatever else they normally use other than “this” as the headlines for Fox News showed today.


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I said people would be upset but I didn’t expect for people to get their panties in a bunch.  But when I came across this bit of information I thought, “I see their frustration.” But still, I had no clue about all the petitions being filed, did you?


Leave Nashville trump What Are You Trumping Scared Of

On his first day in office Trump has found a way to strangle our freedoms before we could tuck our kids in tight.  Talking about “Making America Great Again”, with the push of a button Trump has taking away some form of access to the following on the Whitehouse website:

1. Civil Rights (Replaced with standing up for our law enforcement officers.)
2. Global Warming (Replaced with promoting his wife’s energy plan as if its better than mother nature)
3. LGBT Rights (Replaced with a *Splash or a *broken links)

It’s Time To Trumping Unite

According to the Peoples magazine, there’s something that we clearly need to keep our eyes on.  So many people are skeptic about the POTUS and so many petitions are flying around I gotta ask, do you think we are fractured to the point that petitions are something to be concerned about with this guy?