The SparxXx 002 | Can You Feel It?

In this episode of WHITEOUT the topics briefly touched on consist of the protesting taking place due to the kneeling down during the national protest during football games all across the U.S on fields in the NFL all the way to the high school levels.

We will also talk about the outrage that came about because of a new Netflix series called Luke Cage that has the social media feeds buzzing right now. There’s a few that feel its racist and lacks diversity, so we look at this from a differently perspective to see how it looks from the other side.

This episode finishes up by looking into the 2016 presidential selection that seems to be based on more fear than inspiration and hope. Voting has never been something people take lightly, now people must choose between “the lesser of 2 evils.” Who will they vote for, Lucifer or Satan?

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