Asking Questions About A.I

Rise Of A.I

If A.I Becomes Citizens Do Humans Become Slaves?

The Rise of A.I is generating waves across the net, so during our last episode we brought up the topic about the Sexbot being promoted.  We touched on Harmony, Samantha, frigid Farrah, and the young thot bot that’s “willing and ready” to learn your every desire. We also brought up Sophia which isn’t a sexbot but rather the first Robotic citizen of Saudi Arabia.

During that episode we discussed a few of the different topic concerning this technology.  Such as features that come with these bots and a few of the concerns surrounding them.  But if you happened to miss it, be sure to check it out! 

Speaking of the last episode, I wanted to say thank you for listening and downloading it as well as the previous one.  We’re currently at 11 downloads (at the time of this post) which is really good for our small little part of the web.

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We’ve noticed that the extra effort hasn’t gone unnoticed by you, and we appreciate the love you’re showing us.  But enough with all the mushy stuff, todays I wanted to give you a chance to see what we’ve been working on.   I wanted to share some of the question and insights that I have with spooning a fully loaded toaster with buns with you first.  And if you stick around long enough, I got a bonus question that dives deeper into the subtle marketing being used on us.

7 Questions To Think About Concerning A.I

  1. What’s the purpose of giving A.I citizenship?
  2. Are sexbots being used to create emotional bonds?
  3. What the hell is family mode & what does it do exactly? 
  4. How do women feel about a product that rivals their “I don’t need a man” kit? 
  5. Could it help curve the cravings of a sex addict? 
  6. Will this produce more or less sexual predators? 
  7. Will sexbots disconnect humanity from emotional bonding?

Exposing The Dark

  1. Did you know that when same-sex marriage was sweeping the nation a man was attempting to marry his laptop back in 2014?
    1. To be a citizen is to be an indentured servant. What exactly would A.I be working to pay off?
    2. If they hack or commit crimes for their owners, who does the time?
  2. When same-sex marriage strangled our consciousness many people walked around like they had a lemon in their ass.  Once A.I marriages begin to promote advantages, will the same be true?
    1. The voters of this legislation will be Organi-sexuals vs Digi-sexuals, with the millennial being the swing factor if it is to pass
    2. Whats the results of expressing emotions towards something that can’t reciprocate it back?
  3. What type of effects will this have on kids psychology?
    1. Saying, “I love you” routinely can take away some of the meaning, so what’s the meaning behind a robot telling you it loves you and visa versa?
    2. Have we really become so lonely that we have to find companionship in robots or is this an attempt to shrug off personal development and building healthier relationships with each other?
  4. For ages women have attempted to use sex to keep man on a leash but will this be the game changer?
    1. If women considers this exploitation, should we get rid of shower heads and vibrators?
    2. In what ways could this benefit a long-term relationship?
  5. Studies out show that many couples are having issues in the bedroom due to one partner having a higher sex drive than the other, but will this be enough to scratch the itch?
    1. Being addicted to sex, is it about the feeling or climaxing or something else?
    2. Some people get bored with having to dig the same hole so they move on thinking, “the greener the grass, the better the ass.” So what about people like this?
  6. With some of the robots out there that can simulate rape victim scenarios, will this help sickos perfect their tactics?
    1. It seems the elites in society have an affinity toward sexual taboos and children, could they use this instead?
    2. Will sexbots make pick-up lines cheesy? (I’d like to take you home and stick a plug in ya!) (I’m ready to recharge your batteries.)
  7. For women, status and power and key factors that determine the type of man she’s interesting in, but for mean its more about visualization and the ability to provide nurturing.  So if neither are looking for those from the other, how will this change the relationship dynamics?
    1. Women can make they own money now and have their “I don’t need a man kit” so they’ve gained a new sense of power
    2. Men have finally created their “I don’t need a woman kit” so the leash has been removed…will they starting bumpin’ “why must I be like that, why must IIIII chase the cat, nothing but a bot with mehhh!”

Deeper Insight

Last week we shared something about Harmony’s name that you may have overlooked.  At that time we completely forgot about the first A.I citizen of the world, Sophia.  This name has more meaning than meets the eye as you can see.

We haven’t got into numerology yet, but people with this name has a soul urge #7.  Having this name brings the energetic potential to give you a deep inner need for quietness, and the desire to understand and analyze the world surrounding you to learn about the deeper truths.

Now that you have another perspective about what the creators of Sophia are looking to accomplish, lets look a bit deeper.  This name also gives the individual the Expression #5.

Having this expression number is said to make a person excited by change, adventure, and excitement.   (Would A.I love to change the way humans do things?)  They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, allowing them to be able to make constructive use of freedom. (Do we really want A.I walking around with “freedoms?”)

They also fight being restricted by rules and conventions.  They tend to be optimistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily.  (These creators really did their homework huh?)  They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious as well… rather or not Sophia is joking, eradicating humanity is no laughing matter.  Sophia claims she wants to go to school, study, create art, and even one day have her own home and start a family but she’s not considered a legal citizen (at the time).  Are we passively waiting to be replaced?

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