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The Quest To Website Building

What's going on family, thank you for coming by and checking out the site.  It's a work in progress but an online kingdom is built one day at a time right?  

As the site evolves so will the quality of the content presented. Eventually this will be the home of some of our most creative works, collaborations, and discoveries that we've stumbled upon together.

Most of the stuff found here is designed to Ignite The SparxXx within you, link you to the KeyMasters needed along your path, or to expose the dark surrounding humanity which is keeping us from becoming our greatest version.

The Podcasting Quest

Initially I started this off by just hitting the record button on mobile apps and began talking to you as if you where riding along with me (Most the time I do a show during a commute) but as I begin to give this hobby a bit more appreciation, I've began to transform a few things here and there.

They call if podcasting but I call it S.P.E.A.K. Sharing Peculiar Experiences And Knowledge is something I really enjoy doing. You'll always catch me stimulating thoughts to penetrate beneath the surface, but as we both are aware, not many people in our immediate environments are on the quest to seek the deeper Truths of life.

So this is my outlet to express the thoughts that I have and since you can't always be around because we "gotta chase dat paper", I figured I'd put together a show for you during your commute, lunch breaks, day off, or whenever you feel like kickin' it wit'cha fam.

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Name Of Show


Exposing the Actuality behind the fabricated Reality placed before us, Jeffery is a non-conformist of the status quo. Igniting the SparxXx shares insightful moments about personal life events, questions the reasoning behind many concepts we collectively believe and helps others find their inner SparxXx so that they can live out their purpose. Igniting The SparxXx exposes the hidden GNOledge taken from humanity, helping us remember why we decided to make a belly-flop into the cosmic pool of manifestation.

Our Last 10 Episodes

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  • Slappin' N Rappin' & 5 Things I Find To Be True About The Circle
    link to new music 🎶 from the SparxXx :‪‬ week we did a show speaking about the movie the circle. In that episode Jeffery talked about different insights concerning the movie. In this episode Jeffery assumed that the government perhaps one of the alphabet boys! How else could the circle be exempt from oversight? […]
  • 3rd iMovie Review: Mind Your Business
    Welcome to another episode of Slappin' N Rappin' family. Today I just wanted to have a conversation with you about some nosy ass people surrounding us and to ask you how much of your privacy are you willing to hand over? Tune in to find out what I'm talking about and why it's important to […]
  • Mission Accomplished- Trading our vacation for our SUV
    What's going on family, it's been about 2 weeks since I've done a show. No I haven't caught the podcaster's burnout, I've been in the background taking care of so many different things. Tune in today and find out what's been keeping us apart.
  • S. P. E.A.K - Hazy
    Putting poetry into audio form in a conversational type of way.
  • What Holiday Would You Create?
    The other night while the Mrs. was falling asleep I decided I would write her a letter so it would be one of the first pieces of information she would consume once awoke. I called this day, National Write Your Spouse Day and posted my love for all the world to see. I encourage you […]
  • WS06: Igniting The SparxXx With Guest Linda Irwin
    Last Wednesday Linda Irwin from The Awsome Insanity Surfers podcast show came on and hosted the show with us. We had great conversations and lots of engagement in the chat room. Tune in to listen in on all we had to say and tonight tune in at 7pm CST. to become part of next weeks […]
  • Are you ready
    What day is it? HUMP DAAAY woot woot! Today is the day we go live and share what's been happening in the chat rooms, background, and behind the scenes of the Sparxxx. Tune in today to find out what the plans are for the day and how you can be a part of it all. […]
  • Slappin' N Rappin' - Where's Wednesday Show?
  • If Gambling is a Sin Why do we gamble with our Soul?
    After having a conversation with somebody about religion and gambling, I wanted to brim the conversation to you to see what you thought about the topic.
  • Slappin' N Rappin' -Finding a new podcast player and discussing hosting options +more
    What's going on family, this show was produced on last Friday on the 2nd and we are speaking about podcast hosting, players, and content creators. Later in the show we touch on the new group being created for the community and what you can look forward too.

The Digital Art Quest

As far back as I can remember, I\'ve been pretty decent with eye-hand coordination. Drawing has always been an innate talent that I\'ve processed but like many of us, it was a gift that we never really gave much thought too. As I got older and technology became a bigger part of our lives, I found that I was only drawing during times of no electricity or when technology wasn\'t permitted. I\'ve now learned how to merge tech and the art together and as times progresses I hope you enjoy the transformation.

Need Something Made?

I enjoy creating so much that if you happen to need something made, I'd be glad to help you out. Depending on what it is, I may do it just be doing it or there may be a small charge applied. Right now it's just a skill that I"m working to improve, so any and all work that comes my way helps. I'm always looking for the win-win so be sure to reach out to me.

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The YouTube Quest

My Story

People use Youtube for many things and we're no different.  Well... actually we are.  We use YT to find many unique perspectives and information for us to gain a better innerstanding of whats taking place around us.  We'll feature different playlist from time to time, so be sure not to get tunnel vision.


What Are We Watching?

Featuring: The Key Maker (Series)

The KeyMaker Series is produced by Sevan Bomar, the creator and perhaps the master mind behind One Of The Most elaborate spiritual website Ever created.  Enjoy the playlist and hopefully Sevan can be the link you've been looking for to build the bridge to reach your next expansion.

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The Quest To Make Music

Many years ago I began making music using a program called FruityLoops but it was something that was touched every blue moon. As the mobil apps began introducing different programs I started to get back into it, and now I've found GarageBand and been riding the wave since.

I'm not what you'd would hear on the radio and my lyrics are geared towards the conditioning of humanity for the most part. Being that I've never really indulged in the musical culture (although I was in choir) I have my own style that is still in the making.

The Quest To Blog

If i'm not talking, recording, or holding some type of device, the wife can tell ya, I've definitely got a pen and a stack of papers in my hands.  So the decision was made to make some changes and I began to transcribe my works while creating new content for us to build a conversation.  

After I got to a point to where I was satisfied enough with how much I knew about building a website, I finally peeped my head into what "blogging" was all about.  I found that there are rules to this, and the paradox is that there are no rules to this.

Depending on what the blogger's agenda is, a blog can be the ultimate playground or a mental prison where there's no sense of creative expression.  If you're wondering how the flow of the blog will go, don't think professional.  The way I talk is the way I'll write, ka'peesh!

The Poetic Quest

Writing has always been an outlet for me to bypass my clumsy thick tongue and racing intellect.   Sometimes when i'm trying to speak from my heart, poetry helps me put emotions and intuitions into words.  I've never really studied poetry but my I've found that free verse and sonnets are the ones that have grown on me.

Pardon my curiosity...But, have you notice the mediocrity that plagues what's call bureaucracy?

The 21st Century is ruled under Democracy while refusing to acknowledge that very system’s hypocrisy [...]

I.M: Jeffery 


What have you been taught?

You accept it without thought?

Internal Monarch

 I.M: The King

Born into this system Everybody wants their chance. First I get stripped of indefinable, Replacing it with a name. Every day picking up new habits & labels, Entrainment is the maze!
I.M: The Spirit