Slappin’-N-Rappin’: The Website| Special ShoutOuts| Astrology Talk

Slappin paint on the walls and rappin’ about different topics on the day, tune in today as Jeffery discusses the new additions to the Website and how now you can be a part of it. During this casual conversation all of you that support the Spark receive a shout out but Jeffery goes the extra mile and calls some of you out by name so be sure stay tuned in and find out if you’re one of the special people in his life. Rsppin’ it up with astrology, this part of the show is a bit more personal and directed to a certain member in the community. If you dabble with the astro-maps feel free to listen, it might create a Spark Building community is the purposr of the show and We would love for you to join our growing family and help others do the same. Be sure to check out Linda Irwin on the Awesome Insanity Surfers Podcast: Also check out one of the fastest podcast on air with Dave Kanyan on the Dumbing It Down With Dave show: As always This show is designed to stimulate thoughts & ignite the spark which will help you create better ways to “Take Over The Globe!” FOLLOW US ON OUR QUEST!!! GOT A QUESTION? Gmail: InternalMonarch BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY. WordPress: MORE OF A VIDCAST TYPE? YouTube: JOIN THE DISCUSSION Facebook: REACH OUT IN REAL-TIME Twitter: COLLABORATE WITH ME G+: TUNE INTO THE PODCAST Spreaker:

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