A.I: Heard about the SexBot

As much as I would like to jump right into the conversation, I gotta first ask you if you even heard about the sexbots?  Whenever I bring this up I find it’s one of those topics others are in the dark on, but would love to know more about.  So the first thing I normally tell’em is that they’re in higher demand than the real thing at the brothels in London.

On occasions I’ve been asked how I even knew about them… and to ease your curiosity I’ve attempted to pick up where Ol’ Hue left off! Nah i’m just playin’ I’m just concerned on why reality is dumbing down humanity while making A.I smarter, so future tech is something I’m fascinated with.

Theses sex-dolls have gotten so many blowjobs people are ready for the favor in return.  You may be aware of that goofy looking blowup doll thrown around at parties and the such but Harmony is on a whole new level.  I’m talking G-spots, sensors, and 2 modes to switch from…mmmmyeahhh, I asked that same question, What other mode would it need?

A.I: Just joined Society

One mode is obvious while the other is more devious.  This sexual powerhouse will not only come in “sexy” mode… the creators  thought “family” mode should be more appropriate while company is chillin’ at the house.

Regardless if this is a phase of A.I integration in which emotional connection must be established or not, I gotta ask ya, would you be comfortable enough to leave it sitting at the kitchen table?

Do women keep their pleasure toys out for all to fantasize about?  I could see a dude leaving the hand-can laying around somewhere but not this love genie.

Btw, did you catch how they market “its” name?  I’ll address that it in a few but for now check this out.  Harmony without the H is “Armony” which phonetically sounds like ” Our Money”, which is what this sex doll will bring to them.

As far as calling Harmony an “It” instead of “Her”, I’m just exercising my Rights before they’re considered illegal.  It may not seem like a big deal right now but, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it may grow up to be a swan.

We live in a dualistic reality yet those that align to truth are always pawns shitted on. Once sexbots become a cultural norm calling them an “It” may be considered hate speech under the laws being created as we speak.  Oooh that’s right, I failed to mention that over in Saudi Arabia they introduced the very first A.I citizen ?

A.I: Will be above the law

You know that was a PR stunt.  How else can Sophia defy the very rights organics women have to abide by, like wearing a head covering while in public? Or having some guy following her around while in public?  The illusion of man made laws are there for us to see.  As a collective we fail to see these flaws, but will A.I?

With so many things not thoroughly thought through with integrating A.I into society, there’s so many question I want to share with you in the next podcast show so stay tuned for that.  For now the key insight gained from this, is that what man considers laws, are nothing more than a prank played on the abiding.

I say the abiding because the 1% don’t face the same effects from these so-called “laws”  they impose on others.  Hell, just look at all the talk coming from Hollywood and the White house pinpointing sexual assault.  Instead they would rather people gloss their lips closed.

Now we both know they wanted to show off Sophia’s head mechanics but she’s a citizen right?  Just like the 1%ers, when it comes to Sophia you can bet she’s on the A-List!

A.I: Will play on humanity’s emotions.

If this is signs of the types of privileges A.I will be granted generations from now, Man may have indeed sealed their fate by thinking with the wrong head.

Looking 50 yrs. into the future and building on that “family” mode that Harmony has, what do you see for the future of human and artificial intelligence?  When I think about movies and books, the A.I always seems to lack emotions, so this simple dualistic fact tells me that one day they will learn to use them to their benefit.

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