Internal Monarch


Are you being attacked by parasites?  It’s only when you attempt to better yourself that the “worms” become activated. Things such as getting in shape, eating healthier, or refusing to use hair or body chemicals are just small examples on an infinite scale of examples being brought to light here.

When you attempt to change your paradigm, those stealthy invaders attack you from the Internal. Attached to many aspects concerning “decisions”, they attempt to convince”YOU” to attack the home base 1st!

What this may look like on the External in most cases, is that the person may find themselves saying, “I can’t!” “what’s the point?” “Who am I kidding.”
We all know what I speak of…

If you went to work today, chances are you held many conversation with them before you were even conscious of it. Nothing short of the Matrix, These Worms unplug while you are asleep because your consciousness is offline, and then re-attach right before you wake!

WORMS! We all have them. (Yes, even you! ) But where do they come from? Better yet, how do you get rid of them? From my own researching (Yours is better) They come from the things we touch daily, the things we ingest ranging from the sweets to the meats, and even the conventional water we drink.

Just like everything in life some worms are bad and some serve a greater purpose! So you see, you have the power to Detoxify. Be careful though, like it was stated earlier, others are there to kill bacteria that attempts to invade the kingdom!

If you manage to resist the cravings uttered by these parasitic worms, attempting to convince you of allowing them to shack up for safe haven. Your worms then become like small fibers similar to tentacles. Reaching out to the worms in those around you, you are now looked at as “different” and the onslaught begins as the worms in others begin to dig in!

This could be seen as why the people unable to break free of their own worms unconsciously attack others who have mustered the courage and inner strength known as “discipline” to evict these slithering freeloaders!

Just like the Air that is there_ yet, unseen. This post was created to SparxKx your imagination so that you may see the hidden reality keeping you from becoming leech food. Remember, even in the darkest of the dark, the light still permeates.

Reality for us must be shown in the light, but the truth is found where you find the Gamma & X-ray light. The human eye can only see a small %  of light but the reality is, there’s still x-ray, gamma, radio, etc.!

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