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The Struggle Is Real

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What’s good family, todays article is about overcoming the struggle.  It was inspired by a family member that’s been going through it and agreed to share their story with the rest of the family. From what they’re telling me, the “struggle is real!”  Without sharing to much (because I wanna invite them to the show) they’ve had about enough with the way their life is going at the moment.  Dealing with toxic people, being in toxic environments, and not seeing a way out of it, are all things we’ll touch on today.

While speaking with the fam I began thinking about parasites because of how they make us crave things and how they just take, take, take.  When you think about what’s causing us to make decisions not in our favor such as standing outside in temperatures below zero, what do you contribute that to?

What Are Parasites?

Parasites are anything in  your life that is stealing your sense of purpose. So if you don’t feel that you have one, that’s a clear sign that you have at least one parasite operating on you. They can attach to us from the things we eat, see, hear, and live around.  When ever you hear negative self talk, realize that’s the sound of your voice but it’s being high-jacked.

They attach to our thinking facilities and attempt to control those that are driven by their lower desires or weakened Will-Power.  But every so often we grow tired of monotonous routines  and toxic people and crave for more and this gives us the sense of lack.  We become aware that we’re giving but not getting anything back in return.

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Unwrap The Gift

Find out what you’re good at.  If you’re lucky enough it might not take a lifetime, but some of us never even take the any time to figure out what we are here to do.  We all come here with some natural born gift(s) and throughout life we may pick up a few more.  Being athletic is one of the most obvious but you could also be good at helping others, finding resources, teaching, or perhaps public speaking, having a green thumb, and the list can go on forever.

Sometime the best gift that we have is that one that get us frustrated about in others.  It’s that feeling of confusion or frustration that we get when we feel others should have common sense about in some form or another.

Find  Support

Once you are aware of your gift make sure it’s applied in the right scenarios.  If you find yourself surrounded by a lot to toxicity it will be hard for you to rise to the top.  Once your honest with where you wanna get in life it’s easier to cut the weeds that have grown in your life.  They love to keep the light from shining on you and will always attempt to stunt your growth with every chance they get.

Pave A Path

Once you figure out what makes you happy and how you prefer making your way in life, it’s then time to pave your path.  Some of us treat paving a path like a job interview.  We go put in an application, say what we think they wanna here, and wait for an opportunity.

But paving a path requires you to know what you want, know that you deserve what your asking for, and then going after what you want.

If you like to read, look into creating audiobooks for others.  If you like to clean, think about opening a cleaning service.  And if you like to dance, start offering dance classes.  Whatever you spend the majority of your time doing while not being paid, is what you should be finding out how to get paid to do.


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