Outdated Concepts

Outdated Concepts

There's so much humanity can offer to one another. Why are we living according too so many outdated concepts? We have the conscience to KNOW better so why don't we DO better?

We're all on one planet together! So why not get over the pettiness and make this Planet the most advanced not just Technological, Ecological, & Philosophical which ultimately leads to the Spiritual or unseen aspects of things. (Air, Space, the Ethers.) The eyes only can see a small amount of the light spectrum, at least that's what I read.

We could be living a philosophical Avatar type of existence where we finally realize Earth is also alive and connected to our biorhythms. Simultaneously operating at the consciousness of StarTrex, OUR next generation! Finally using the military type technologically and plugged into the Matrix type shit.

Are we held back by things such as money? Are we really the smartest creatures on the Planet? If we are so SUPERIOR intellectually, why are we the only things on the Planet PAYING to be here may I ask? Why can't we uproot the weed - GREED?

Why we DYING to eat? Rather it be S.A.D (Standard American Diet) or its simply a SAD situation due to starvation. Eating is suppose to be life generating not the opposite way around! Especially not when there's enough food on the Planet for all of us.

Couldn't one say that paying for Nature's minerals resources, land, etc. was no different than a newborn paying for its mothers breast milk? We're all born to one mother, that's just like being born on one planet right?

What about the LEARNED BEHAVIOR labeled "Racism?" You know the insightful thing about racism? It is directly linked to a person that believes others should be a S.L.A.V.E: Someone Living A Vicarious Existence.

This Pyramid structured society functions with a vast amount of people having the S.L.A.V.E's Mentality unknowingly! Keeping them either distracted with diversions or busy with "Making A Living" instead of "Living Their Making".

Humanity, have we denied Truth so long that we are afraid to hear it's very utterance? Could we be infected with neuron blockers making us flat out ignoring Truth. You know placing blame somewhere other than self is always a quick fix option.

Blacklivesmatter, Simply are exposing prejudice and hatred. The peaceful protesters are treated by the authority as if they are Malcolm X, which is to call them "radicals."  This allows them to be  ignored by the "Appointed" Leaders as if they are Joe Dirt, while their dream could become a reality like the late MLK.

Some one a long time ago made up our present day concepts. The civilization before ours had one, the Greek and Romans had one as well. Very similar to our current society today. It's in the name of the days of the week, months, the astronomical dates the festival days fall on, the laws, and now even in the aspect of same sex sexuality.

But the Natives and Afrocentric cultures of the land had a belief structure as well. Almost completely wiped out of the people's memory! They gave "Mother Earth" her place in their consciousness. They innerstood that all the fruits of life spawned from one tree.
We are easily distracted like a Cat's 1st time seeing a laser beam (technology) that we don't notice the slaughter house because we're so high off catnip (The Medications, foods, drinks, etc.) That we dont notice the hidden hand of influence.

Technology could make Earth a utopia if we only created new concepts, Created an overall plan and vision we want to go in as a species not a Race. Instead of being hyped up by the kid on the sideline screaming "Fight, fight, fight!"
I'll leave this question for you, "If Humanity is failing to plan, is it planning to fail."

Even the children know that recess doesn't last for ever. It's only the spoiled ones that throw tantrums when its time learn their lessons. Always messing things up for others looking to learn!

Look, we can't stay on Earth forever, everything has a cycle. But if we would acknowledge the hidden hand, expose the crooked dealings, See the truth "then" SPEAK that very truth, and realized a lot of stuff on tv is not so SCI FI. We could truly live like the Jetson.  Take a look and see for yourself, the iwatch is not some new concept introduced to us by Apple.


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