Navigating The Site

Navigating The Site

Hey family how’s it going?  before getting started, we just wanted to take the time to thank you for joining the site and becoming part of our family.  Just like a construction site, things are kinda messy, in the wrong place, or behind schedule.

Some of you have been on the path with us since the beginning  (Being able to stick it out with us is a task in itself so a very special thank you goes out to you) and some of you have silently joined the quest.  No matter your position, thank you for your participation and attention.

We’re writing this post because someone created a SparxKx that exposed the dark about the site.   They pretty much asked us, “How do I use it? ”  Which is a fair question right? Some time in the future we’ll make a video version of this post ok.

We’ve been putting more time into the podcast show but now that we’ve kinda created a template for that, We’ll be straightening up the site a bit more.

But to answer the question sent to us, this site was created to be a place for us to dump all our thoughts and insights as well as to share information that we’ve come across.  Until we get a professional to make a site for us, the site is laid out as follows:

Navigating The Site

Stimulate Thought: 

This section of the site contains any of the material created here or across other social media sites.

The Mission:  

This portion of the site lets you know what we’re attempting to bring to your awareness.

Media Zone:

This portion of the site showcases audio and video content.

The Press:

The Press is dedicated to any written material.

The Oracle:

This part of the site is dedicated for all poetry.


This part of the site is dedicated for answering questions like what this post is about, but for now it’s just answering the questions about the journey of becoming a web developers and blogger.

Ignite The SparxKx:

This part of the site shares our journey along the different paths that we’ve traveled that has landed us where we are today.  We share how the podcasting journey started, how building this site came about, how we got into making music and art and many other outlets that we have here.

This portion of the site also allows you to pick your mode of consuming information.  Being aware that we all learn differently, this part of the site allows you to shift through written material, visual material, and audio content.

Exposing The Dark

If you would like to know where we gained a few of the insights that we have, this part of the site is dedicated just for that.  Although we create our own content, this part of the site exposes the dark surrounding  other people, this is something like a shortcut along your path.

People like Sevan Bomar deals with spiritual activation  and helps you uncluttered your Spiritual pathways.

Mark Passio deals with the occult or the things hidden from the masses.  Helping us gain control of the subconscious and teaching about the Universal Principals that govern all matter.

We also share links to Santos Bonacci who deals with Astrotheology or the template that religion is said to be created from.  He helps bridge the gaps between religion and astrology showing us the interlinking between the 12 disciples and the 12 zodiacal signs.

You’ll also find life hacks, daily inspiration, financial advice, spiritual insights, and natural cures as well.

Things To Be Added To The Site

If you haven’t already came across parts of the site not yet accessible, we’re looking to include insights about astrology, numerology, chakras, frequencies, aura, and the elements to name a few.   Although all this will take place sometime next year,  you can help shape the content of by sharing what you  might wanna learn about first.  ( On this site we learn together) I’m thinking about starting with astrology but we’ll see,  so stay tuned for that.

Other Ways This Site Works

If there are certain things that we discuss here on the site that you would like to know gain more insights about, be sure to leave comments or email us here.  Also be aware that the comments or thoughts that you share with us has the potential to create brand new content.

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