Life’s Fairytales

Life's Fairytales

Beautiful lies blind the eyes and to the listener somehow the fairytale seems to make sense. With time, we catch on to the story.  Some are mystical as they unfold, especially those that are historically told.  I often treasure the ones that empower the Soul, always searching for the type that the keys of life are bestowed.

We'll let go of many while clinging to others for the memories but no matter how hard you explain it to little brother or sister, they're simply too young to comprehend the illusion behind the story.  Leaving them clueless, the story can be retold again and again until they've grown in conscience.

Each time the story is told it begins to have a different feel to it based off who's doing the storytelling.  At times, we get mesmerized by how beautiful the words beat our eardrums that they make us mute the sounds of our actual surroundings. What a wonderful land we live in, filled with stories that take us down the rabbit holes.  As we journey fear not, we truly only get lost when we've forgotten who's telling "our" story!

The stories by the author are simply thoughts on a subject that they want to play out one way or the other. They're attempting to convince the reader that the plot is just as real as any other reality could be.  Is the suspense more exciting than the things taking place within us. What's taking place around you? Only you can tell that story and until you do, it remains the mystery never written!

Storytellers are the fishermen of the minds and at times we get caught in their Nets.  If you get stuck stargazing, their reality seems to be more mysterious than your own.  Is there a way for us to know if we're in the story or telling it?  Ask yourself, do you perceive the world as a reality or can  you see the actuality? Just like the starlight that is longer there, we may get swept off in some reality that is nothing more than a mirage.  With the help of paradigm shifts, we are able to see just a bit further than before.

Life has so many different ways it can be told and viewed from! But a story is still a story, is it not? Rather it be from your perspective. Their perspective. And even my perspective. The essence of our story can only truly be captured when it's told from our perspective!

Are you in a love story? A Thriller?  Perhaps a Drama? With the majority of concepts placed here before joining the story, I find myself wondering if I'm in some fictional sci-fi dramatic triller.  Who's writing the story? Who's the storyteller reading the chapters of our lives? If the author likes to write, does that imply they also like to read?

If you have a story to tell_ and we all have stories we could tell! Share some of  your stories about the Santa Clause Effect.  How do you feel about perpetuating a fabricated story delivered through culture and tradition. (Holiday, History, Events, etc?)

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