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 Thinking Outside The Box

The reality inside our head is recognized consciously by our awareness, but we use external labels (Words/language) to define our internal and external planes of existence.  So even when we're thinking with these labels, we're trapped in the matrix of another person's concept.

Using a foreign language that somebody else created keeps us disconnected from one another because we can't comprehend each other on an intuitive level.  On top of that, if we believe in a higher power, we then speak to a concept somebody else most likely introduced to us, with a language not inherently our own.  So if we are to truly think outside the box are we to not use words?

What's The Native Tongue?

Have you experienced saying what someone else was thinking or vise versa?  This is a mental frequency that you or they have tuned into, like scanning the radio looking for a station.  I use to think a lot of my thoughts where my own, but as I've grown I've learned to comprehend the differences.

Just like WiFi,

"our mental waves are floating around in this invisible element you have complete faith in but you never seen it.  If someone ever attempted to steal it from you, instinctively  you would know it."

Without saying what it is you know what I'm thinking/talking about...  or do you?  When we can relate to an experience like running out of oxygen, it opens the  empathic connections allowing us to speak the  native tongue using the frontal cortex part of the mind.   In doing so we'll regain the lost language of telepathy.

 Step#1 :Learn About  C.P.R

How often do you go into a store and call the person "teller" or "greeter"?  Yea... I didn't think so, nobody goes around saying, "Hello Mr. cashier person (even if it's a girl), give me a whopper wit cheese pleez".   It would probably work in your favor if you learned to Create a Personal Relationship with the people and beliefs you interact with.

But this is leading down that rabbit hole of infinite possibilities, so I'll ask this question instead.  Would you say mind control is when the meanings in our life is defined by other people?

Can women be preachers
[This show has explicit language]

Why Do We...

  • Celebrate thanksgiving rather than the day or morning?
  • Assume Jan 1st is New Years instead of April 1st,?
  • Eat meat?  (Those of you that do.)
  • Dedicate yourself to the religion or set of beliefs that you do?
  • Prefer one culture over the next or speak the language that you do?

Am I The Program or Programmer?

Before we're 4 yrs. old we've been hard wired to the things mentioned above. I don't know about you, but if these programs were like apps on a phone and I woke up and had 5 outdated apps I would update them, wouldn't you?

Is It Time To Get Rid Of The Bugs?

Hopefully that helped you picture how some of our beliefs, behaviors, and actions operate on us. Trained by many environmental factors, they can either work for us or not at all as we progress through life.

Nothing far from the app that runs in the background draining the battery, some of the pre-installed programs constantly drain our mental capacities, hindering our chances of success.

Should I Accept or Decline The Upgrades?

I find questioning reality can propel us to either improve ourselves or stifle us, causing us to give up on the divine spark altogether.

By shaping and molding the concepts of our world to fit our vision, we gain the ability to see we live on a blank canvas in which the better artist gets the recognition.

Tired Of Spyware?

I see that the time of allowing systematic injustices,  sexual predators, and close mindedness has reached its climax.  I love living in this time in history, where we are able to make a difference in the direction of humanity. When I use to apply for jobs I would refuse to check the race box because humanity was not an option.

Once more people begin to inner stand how powerful the collective belief is in something or idea, they'll be able to liberate all suffering and oppression from prisons to zoos.  It won't be a perfect world, but this can start the 100th  monkey effect  which will activate the entire planet's ability to use telepathy.

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