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Feeding Curiosity

Feeding Curiosity

Feeding curiosity...

Have you notice the mediocrity
that plagues what's call bureaucracy?
The 21st Century is ruled under Democracy

while refusing to acknowledge that very system’s hypocrisy.
How long will we live in a Reality-- ignoring the Actuality?
Noticing how the Dollar alters the personality,
are the motives for doing things based off superficiality?

How much money one amasses has nothing to do with their equality.
If totality is achieved by upholding the collective’s commonality,
why do officials ignore the ones operating outside the legality?
Is it safe to say there’s a disorder in the mentality?

With all the criminal activity taking place on Wall Street, the bailouts are complete insanity.
Could this explains why the cops are killing & incarcerating the rest of humanity?

Feeding Curiosity

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