Seven Bomar

Seven Bomar

Every now and then something comes along that changes everything. Pioneering the next level of spiritual involution Sevan Bomar is in possession of the Keys that expand consciousness and the Universal Blueprint that allows one to connect their microcosm with the macrocosm. As the creator of Open Source Spirituality his contributions to humanity have introduced an innovative approach primarily with his latest unveiling of The Innerversity; an advance academy for those seeking to enhance their power and abilities.

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Santos Bonacci

I deal with the subject of Syncretism, bringing together all the fields of knowledge and wisdom and showing the interrelatedness of all things. Syncretism is the opposite of division and disunity and covers all the big topics like; Theology, Astrotheology, Natural Science, Astrology, Reclaiming Dominion, Breaking the fictions of Religion, Science and Law, and the Holy Science, an ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, ‘as above so below’. These sciences enable one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world currently has to offer.


Astrotheology: The Holy Science

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Mark Passio

What on earth is happening

Hosted by Mark Passio, every Saturday from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am EST. – “This body of work is a culmination of many years of my extensive research and investigation into the nature of our shared reality. Through my presentations, videos and podcasts, I take my guests on a journey of self-exploration, examining human Consciousness and the way it relates to the universal problems which we currently face as a species. Some of the questions I attempt to answer are: Who are we? What is our purpose? Why do we hold certain beliefs? Why do we tend to see ourselves and others in a certain way? Why do we act the way we do toward ourselves and others? What does any of this have to do with the events we experience in our world?”

What On Earth Is Happening?

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  • What On Earth Is Happening #196
    Date: 2016-01-11 Topics: Excuses people make for immoral Order-Followers, Allegiance To Truth And Freedom is higher than allegiance to family, Order-Followers as Cult Members, True Courage, Obama's Executive Orders regarding firearms, Disarming Anti-Authoritarians and Veterans, the Oregon standoff with Militia members at the Mahler Wildlife Refuge, Standing up to Tyranny, How the Oregon Militia members' […]
  • What On Earth Is Happening #195
    Date: 2015-12-28 Topics: Physical Health, the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, Physical condition is critical for physical resistance, Truth-seeking as a sedentary activity, Effort and Persistence, Maintaining Physical Well-Being, Diet and Exercise, Mark's personal routines for physical conditioning, Cardiovascular Health, Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, Yoga, Biking, Wlaking, Firearms, Juicing, Blending, Fermented Foods, Health Supplements, the importance of […]
  • What On Earth Is Happening #194
    Date: 2015-12-21 Guest: Mike Thompson, Lead Guitarist, The Founders Guest Web Site: The FoundersTopics: Modern Music, Rebellion In Music, Origin of The Founders, Anarchy in music, False "Anarchy," Popularity/Fitting In vs. Truth, "Scenesters," Lyrical Messages, The Founders lyrics, Persistence, Courage, Bands Mark and Mike like and respect, Bands that promote rebellion, Bands that put forward […]

Linda Irwin

Linda Irwin has taken over the globe, the galaxy and the cosmos!  Bringing us back fun and interesting information that stretches the universe. While the we earthlings are still scratching the surface of astrology she plays around with the planets like pool balls and introduce something to us called "Pool Ball Astrology". Dawson C. Green, Jr., and Linda Irwin head the team for comedy and music that is outside of the box!


RSS Awesome Insanity Surfer's tracks

  • Beware The Bubbles
    Bubbles around Titan on "Space Case", bubbling ooze with a ship worm on "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" and the bubbles of what comes out of the nose of a frog on "Breaking News". Dawson plays Frank Miller, Bob(e) and Clyde Noodlesmith. Linda plays Donna Scallion, Zartran, Doctor Edward Brighton and Beatrice Bottomsides.
  • Silly Streams 5 Bizarre Blips
    Bizarre things you probably never knew existed on "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" (Doctor Edward Brighton - Linda, and Bob(e) - Dawson); "Breaking News" (Clyde Noodlesmith - Dawson, and Beatrice Bottomsides - Linda); and "Space Case" (Frank Miller - Dawson, and Donna Scallion and Zartran - Linda).
  • Silly Streams 4 Eggs And E T
    An odd Easter event on "Wild Weird Sports" (Jean Luc Pierre Paris played by Dawson and Hortense Hildebrandt played by Linda), and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the subject of debate on "Space Case" (Frank Miller played by Dawson, and Donna Scallion and Zartran played by Linda). Also, a funny commercial created by Linda.
  • Silly Streams 3 Strange Science
    Find some strange science today on "Breaking News" with spinach hearts, "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" with extinct dogs and "Space Case" with electrically charged sand. Dawson plays Clyde Noodlesmith, Bob(e) and Rooster McGee. Linda plays Beatrice Bottomsides, Doctor Edward Brighton, Donna Scallion and Zartran.
  • Silly Streams 2 Scary Science
    Find some scary science today on "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" with dinosaurs, "Breaking News" with cannibalistic spiders and "Space Case" with tsunamis on Mars. Dawson plays Bob(e), Clyde Noodlesmith and Crappy Mudslinger. Linda plays Doctor Edward Brighton, Beatrice Bottomsides, Donna Scallion and Zartran.
  • Silly Streams 1 Animal Or Vegetable
    We remember Venus with her two funny answering machines messages! "Space Case" debates the merits of eating fruit on brain growth (Frank Miller - Dawson, and Donna Scallion and Zartran - Linda). Then cats do love us on "Breaking News" (Clyde Noodlesmith - Dawson, and Hortense Hildebrandt and Beatrice Bottomsides - Linda).

Ralph Smart

Ralph Smart

Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Author. Counselor. Life Coach. Relationship Guide. Alchemist. & Infinite Being. Ralph Smart was born in London. He has travelled to five continents. He enjoys nature, and meeting people from all spectrums of life. Awarded with a ‘BA Combined Honours’ in: ‘Psychology’ and ‘Criminology’-human nature fascinates him.
The founder of ‘Infinite Waters,’ a media channel on ‘Youtube’ with over 26 million views helping people to become their greatest versions, regarding unlocking true human potential and being a limitless being.
Ralph has also just published his debut novel: Tryathon: the love of a galaxy—A novel taking a glimpse into the potential future, the digital age, where wars are fought through technology.
Above all Ralph knows all humans were born to be free—Being free is our birthright.

Ralph Smart is a Psychologist. Author. Counselor. Life Coach. Relationship Guide. Alchemist. & Infinite Being.

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

The Secrets & The Power

Become Your Greatest Version

Dave Kanyan

Dave Kanyan was the first person on the Spreaker platform that I discovered.  He plants his flag in the premise that he is the fastest podcast on air.  "Hypothetically" speaking, he's pushing speeds up to 80mph  while doing the show with a sock over his phone.  "My brutha from anutha mutha",  Dave is a pragmatist in search of making sense out of it all while tellin' us how life oughtta be.  A 54 year old truck driver, husband, father, son, friend, acquaintance and possibly not the best neighbor. He'll hold the door open for anyone. Don't rush,  there's plenty of time.


RSS Dumbing it Down with Dave

  • #75 "CODA-CAN 2017 Last Day of Camp!, sad.
    #75 Dumbing it Down with Dave Last Day of Camp...sad! In this episode amongst other things Dave Discusses his last day of CODA-CAN 2017. His Discusses some of the days and some of the feelings of what he experienced as a newbie CODA. THANKS FOR LISTENING. Feel FREE to share and repost. Not only with […]
  • #74 "My Friend Ted" CODA-CAN Day 3
    #74 MY FRIEND TED. In this episode amongst other things Dave Discusses his experiences during his stay in Vancouver at the CODA-CAN 2017 conference.
    Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoy it. In this episode amongst other things Dave Discusses opening ceremonies, speeches, food and his first day of CODA-CAN 2017. please feel free to comment politely, share this show and or repost this episode anywhere you can. Thanks.
  • #72 CODA-CAN 2017 PT.1 Bonjour And Hello
    #72 Amongst other things Dave discusses his first ever Coda conference and his first time in Vancouver British Columbia. He's at CODA-CAN 2017. This episode is just a basic hello and introduction for what's about to take place the next few days. Dave hopes to do one podcast a day and talk about what he […]
  • #71 My Head Hurts
    In this episode amongst other things Dave discusses why it's been 53 days since his last podcast. You'll hear a mileage report and a trump presidency count up. By the end of the dumbcast he'll mention his vacation plans to the CODA-CAN 2017 Conference. Thanks for listening. Twitter @dumbwithdave Email
  • #70 My Response To Spreaker LIVE#111
    Amongst several things Dave discusses his letter that he wrote to Rob and Alex from Spreaker LIVE and his response to their comments and suggestions
  • #69 My To Do List. Getter Done?
  • #68 101 Trump Daytions - Count Up Recap.
  • #67 THEY FIRED MY BOSS!!!!
    Amongst several things Dave discusses his perspective on bagels with cream cheese, his boss getting fired, Don Rickles, United Airlines, breathing and affecting change.
  • #66 I'm In Therapy
    Amongst several things Dave discusses his perspective on therapy and a few of his friends. He also talks about his injuries and touches only a bit on politics. twitter @dumbwithdave email at

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Helping others unleash their full potential through business, entrepreneurship, and money. Give the majority $200, they'll come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200, they'll come back with $2,000. Don't be the majority. New videos every week.

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Natural Cures
Naturel Cures brings health information and tips for people looking natural ways to prevent, treat and heal ailments.

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Study Yourself

Study Yourself

The Traditional Religionist Or The Spiritually Timid Are Forewarned that the material presented herein may be disturbing and therefore better bypassed. The Teachings are presented for the seriously commmitted Spiritual student who is seeking God As Enlightenment . The Pathway to Enlightenment Via Radical truth is demanding and requires the surrendering of all belief systems . Only then does the Ultimate Reality reveal itself as the sought-after " I " of the Supreme . The material presented herein is from the perspective of the Infinite ' I ' of the Self .

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