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Questions Of The Day

Do you have 3 minutes to answer a few questions?  With so many of them being brought to my awareness, I figured why not ask you.  The collective conscious is a puzzle that we all individually hold a piece too, so if you don't mind sharing your piece, it would be greatly appreciated.

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What Could It Be?


Sharing · Peculiar · Emotions · And · Knowledge

Taking poetry and placing it over instrumentals, enjoy rhythmic language that will have you dancing with thought.

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Mic Check Mic Check



With there being so many different ways to view the world around us, sometimes I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Like trying to explain what a sunset looks like to a visually impaired person, hopefully these metaphors and analogies do the job.

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I Can’t Be Seeing This.

Hypothetical Concepts

 Santa Clause is not real · but at one time you believed this.

The FDA ensures your food is safe · Some still believe this!

You are not your Body · How many of you know this?

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Speaking Between The lines