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Do you have 3 minutes to answer a few questions?  With so many of them being brought to my awareness, I figured why not ask you.  The collective conscious is a puzzle that we all individually hold a piece too, so if you don't mind sharing your piece, it would be greatly appreciated.

Questions Of The Day

Do You Like To Think?

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Taking poetry and placing it over instrumentals, enjoy rhythmic language that will have you dancing with thought.


Mic Check Mic Check


With there being so many different ways to view the world around us, sometimes I can't believe what I'm seeing.  Like trying to explain what a sunset looks like to a visually impaired person, hopefully these metaphors and analogies do the job.


It’s Possible

 Santa Clause is not real · but at one time you believed this.

The FDA ensures your food is safe · Some still believe this!

You are not your Body · How many of you know this?

Hypothetical Concepts

It’s All Relative