The Press

Titan's Gate

The real battle being fought is over the mind. With declassified documents, MK-ULTRA is a no conspiracy. It's a process used to control the mind, but is there a way to deprogram ourselves.

Humanity's Most Wanted

The laws are set up to catch the small fish, it's now time to start putting our eyes on the bigger ones. The information found here will focus on who's robbing humanity of its inheritance.

The Mad House

Every day this place never seems to let you down. With insane being the natural order of things, the mad house is the location were they take the "I.B.C.N-IT" pill.

The Splice

We're merging with tech at an alarming rate but its so subtle we tend to ignore it. The information found here may be a bit far fetched but as the time passes by the the dots will begin to connect.

The Insider

If you're looking for some boring reads about what's going on with me on a more personal level, this is the spot... You can help generate some stories by sending questions here.


With the use of Metaphors, Hypothetical concepts, Wordplay, and Analogies attempting to bridge the physical & the ethereal is the goal here.

Life After Death

If it has anything to do with the beliefs about Religion, Spirituality, or Gnosticism, I'll place insight here about the energetic properties of the body after it's been released the body.

Extra Extra

Always looking to learn something new, I'll share some of the interesting things I stumble upon. This is the place dedicated for links and resources.