Bad Boys Bad Boys, What We Gonna Do?


Does the C in cop stand for confusing you?


I’m a painter but if I worked with a contractor that is known for stealing or something worse I wouldn’t stop working, I just wouldn’t work with them or anyone that supported them.

I say this bc some police are getting away with straight bullshit and the coworkers proudly work alongside them. And since we allowed or servants (government) to provide oversight, we suffer from our own lack of response-ability

Even if the good cops didn’t do anything, are they guilty by association? It shows that a brotherhood is more important than our tax dollars paying their salary.

If you are a police know this, you don’t work for the police station, you work for us. You don’t protect the system, you protect the people that make it all possible. Without us, you have no job.

Have you forgotten the oath? If not, is it something different that what people are aware of?  Why don’t you question your co-workers making your job so stressful? Why don’t you display the same amount of fear toward the killers walking beside you every day?

Cops already have a stressful job but some of that stress is self-induced. You want us to call T.I.P.S while you’re operating under the codes of the streets in the precinct.

We can do better but attitude reflects leadership. Those of you killing people bc you are scared need to just quit your job and become a flashlight cop.

Some of these people don’t have a threat in sight so why not shoot a leg, an arm, or a non lethal body part?

This is not COD (call of duty) there is no respawn after unloading a clip. Some deaths may not be preventable but the ones that are, you should be held responsible.

just like the test driver that may have wrecked during transporting a company car and taking a life. The company pays a fine but typically they release the worker, what makes you a special case?

Those that have the greatest responsibilities or powerful positions always get a slap on the fucking wrist, you’re not special nor are you a gift from God (IMO) so if you do the crime, serve the time.

Or stop receiving our tax dollars that WE WORKED for and PAY to you for a SPECIFIC job. I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t pay the lawn care to replace my windows just like I don’t pay you to kill innocent men, women, and children.

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