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Linda Irwin

Linda Irwin has taken over the globe, the galaxy and the cosmos!  Bringing us back fun and interesting information that stretches the universe. While the we earthlings are still scratching the surface of astrology she plays around with the planets like pool balls and introduce something to us called "Pool Ball Astrology".  But for me, Zartran is the greatest discovery brought back from the great beyond. 


RSS Awesome Insanity Surfer's tracks

  • Beware The Bubbles
    Bubbles around Titan on "Space Case", bubbling ooze with a ship worm on "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" and the bubbles of what comes out of the nose of a frog on "Breaking News". Dawson plays Frank Miller, Bob(e) and Clyde Noodlesmith. Linda plays Donna Scallion, Zartran, Doctor Edward Brighton and Beatrice Bottomsides.
  • Silly Streams 5 Bizarre Blips
    Bizarre things you probably never knew existed on "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" (Doctor Edward Brighton - Linda, and Bob(e) - Dawson); "Breaking News" (Clyde Noodlesmith - Dawson, and Beatrice Bottomsides - Linda); and "Space Case" (Frank Miller - Dawson, and Donna Scallion and Zartran - Linda).
  • Silly Streams 4 Eggs And E T
    An odd Easter event on "Wild Weird Sports" (Jean Luc Pierre Paris played by Dawson and Hortense Hildebrandt played by Linda), and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the subject of debate on "Space Case" (Frank Miller played by Dawson, and Donna Scallion and Zartran played by Linda). Also, a funny commercial created by Linda.
  • Silly Streams 3 Strange Science
    Find some strange science today on "Breaking News" with spinach hearts, "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" with extinct dogs and "Space Case" with electrically charged sand. Dawson plays Clyde Noodlesmith, Bob(e) and Rooster McGee. Linda plays Beatrice Bottomsides, Doctor Edward Brighton, Donna Scallion and Zartran.
  • Silly Streams 2 Scary Science
    Find some scary science today on "Myth Manglers Space Wranglers" with dinosaurs, "Breaking News" with cannibalistic spiders and "Space Case" with tsunamis on Mars. Dawson plays Bob(e), Clyde Noodlesmith and Crappy Mudslinger. Linda plays Doctor Edward Brighton, Beatrice Bottomsides, Donna Scallion and Zartran.


RSS Dumbing it Down with Dave

Dave Kanyan

Dave Kanyan was the first person on the Spreaker platform that I discovered.  He plants his flag in the premise that he is the fastest podcast on air.  "Hypothetically" speaking, he's pushing speeds up to 80mph  but i'd bet its more like 54.  "My brutha from anutha mutha",  Dave is a pragmatist in search of making sense out of it all while tellin' us how life oughtta be.