Chasing Paper

Casting It Out There

Chasing Paper is like a fish line baited with the top of the line buddy!
A shimmering in the light. Caught at the right angle,
it creates a mirage so tempting it can make one unaware of the hook as they bite.

shark baitEntranced by the perceptual glimmer of its manifestation,

the sensation of possessing it comes with a price.
The smallest taste creates the double life.


The Fisherman's Will

Designed to exhaust the energies, amassing as much as possible becomes the main focus.

Enduring testimonial struggles to constantly be in its presence,
we may tend to ultimately neglect true life's purpose.

purpose cardsManipulating the Current, the lure offers endless possibilities.

But, who is this Master fisherman reeling/Willing in from the Banks?
With bait made from cheese,  do you ever wonder what's the catch?

water bank

 Life As A Goldfish

With the possibility of going from open waters to fish tanks,
The fight begins for either Freedom or Conformity.
Allowing the strings to be pulled to long, guess who becomes the Goldfish?

fish tank

With a few pellets dropped off routinely,
the illusion of security is just behind the invisible looking glass.
Some are vast while others are confined_ But that's alright because they're Custom Designed.


Something Smells Fishy

With structured living, diversity will begin to float around freely.
But something smells fishy about conformity. With nothing to fear we tend to live life belly up on the beach.
What we deem to be Freedoms gets exposed for dressing up as convenience.  This causes murky waters, requiring a new Regulating System.



But there's still hope for those that remember the Natural Laws.
Innerstand that the vibrations from the struggles echo into the generations to come,
Warning those looking at the unworthy bait, "It's not worth the chase?"

Fish on beach

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