Becoming Neo

Becoming Neo

Are You The One?


Becoming Neo, I post the type of stuff that I do and it alerts the agents, causing the host to  take me as a serious individual or perhaps even overly imaginative. But some of you may have heard me say, “I’m just a cosmic spark passing through a mysterious cloud within the Eternal Matters like a Galactic brainstorm.”
The greatest disservice to the human experience is not finding a purpose that benefits the uplifting of us all. (For myself that is.)

When you reduce the tension between shades of Blacks & Whites you begin to see in light and dark. From here its easier to see the bigger picture. So I’ve made it my purpose to share what my light has shined on, in hopes to create the inner spark of curiosity about life and ourselves. Curiosity_ we tend to lose this virtue as mortality sets in don’t you think? But is death the inevitable end or just another womb forward?

I know few people see what I see, others play possum knowing damn well they see the headlights, and many more are still infants on their evolutionary path. A select few speak their hearts, allowing them to showcase their Uniqueness and live their truth. Standing out from the crowd like a glitch in the matrix,  That One is the Ne0 and that Neo I see within you and I.

I share information simply to find out if our path resonates, that’s all. The imagination is infinite so I may exhaust some of you at times, but you either gotta hang on or let go because my E(nergy)motions are set.
I feel life was switched to a mental/business/electric generated type of society which seems all wrong. Afterall, we know the heart was developed before the brain.

That switch disconnected the “Junk DNA” as they termed it. But if you believe anything is junk, you probably think Santa was originally Red & White as well? Perhaps your reasoning would mean he’s European for all the children in the world too?

We have access to more than the limited 5 senses, but knowledge like this seems to be taboo for some reason. But I wonder if life was designed to be perceived from the heart/unconditional/magnetic type of experience. Could you envision what that would be like?
Maybe it could explain why I do what I do, regardless of the Status Quo.

Seeking truth no matter what inconveniences are uncovered may not sit well with others. Honestly, at times they don’t give me a morning rise either.
But the Match in the cave never could keep from pushing away the darkness around it. At times I stand alone like the Match.

We all have a trajectory, it can either float by like an asteroid or orbit with precision like the moon. I dare you to focus on the path you’re traveling? Which direction is it going?
With so many “concepts” uploaded on you, what are your authentic thoughts?

Imagine what life will be like without the hidden figures stagnating the human experience. Who are the people that design what we call Reality anyway? In Actuality, the standard of living is decades behind our technological capabilities.
The demand for better leadership could lead to better possibilities, and the possibilities are endless.

Isn’t that’s what it’s all about? A better possibility for those that will walk after us. I’ll leave you with this tip, it’s the fastest way to balance your wobble knocking you on and off your path whatever it may be for you.

Familiarize yourself with these laws that the universe operates on and you’ll get where you want to go with lesser resistance. The ones imposed on us by some man or woman are not laws but rather are considered statues since they do not apply to all.
The laws of the land are important in a undeveloped society, but I foresee a day when people have matured in conscience.

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