Author: Jeffery

Born & raised under peculiar circumstances and living in a very peculiar reality my path is one of a seeker and teacher. Dedicating over a decade in taking care of the sick & shut-in, I’m now expanding my EQ with all of you.

Creative and insightful, my passion is to help heal the wounds of others and speaking up for the underdogs. No matter if I’m online or off, you will always see me stimulating thoughts, igniting the spark and helping create better ways.

It’s a hack

Join us as we discuss this post.  Thinking Outside The BoxThe reality inside our head is recognized consciously by our awareness, but we use external labels (Words/language) to define our internal…
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Let’s Ditka’ Round

Meet Mike Ditka   "All of a sudden, it's become a big deal now, about oppression," Ditka said. What does he mean by no big deal? Is any form of…
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Outdated Concepts

There's so much humanity can offer to one another. Why are we living according too so many outdated concepts? We have the conscience to KNOW better so why don't we…
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Life’s Fairytales

  Beautiful lies blind the eyes and to the listener somehow the fairytale seems to make sense. But _with time, we catch on to the story.  Some are mystical as…
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Feeding Curiosity

Feeding curiosity...Have you notice the mediocrity that plagues what's call bureaucracy? The 21st Century is ruled under Democracywhile refusing to acknowledge that very system’s hypocrisy. How long will we live…
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Chasing Paper While Running Out Of Time

Chasing Paper Casting It Out There Chasing Paper is like a fish line baited with the top of the line buddy! A shimmering in the light. Caught at the right…
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