Jeffery' Life Story

What's going on wit'cha fam? If you haven't heard by now my name is Jeffery but I go by The SparxXx  and I've lived a pretty unique experience.  If you're curious to know "about me" on a more personal level, just skim the page until you see a headline that catches your eye.

Or you could browse the site for your modality of information consumption and then think of something mystic and elusive, "Like a Pisces."    I live in-between the worlds, so I'm either a hit or a miss on your radar of making sense. But I do what I do, to help those damn peasants out there licking boots and mocking parrots.. " You know I.B.C.N.U baby," and I'm here to help.

Are You Gonna Drag This Out?

Had you asked me that while I creating this page, I could of easily said "No."  But as time has progressed I've added different elements to the page. But I've attempted to make it easy for those of you that are just looking for the surface version.  But for Fam, I'm hoping this page can eventually embody a piece of my personality.


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What's Your Story?

Like I stated above, my story is a bit complex.  Being an 8th house pisces, I've really being able to dive deep into the Matter we call reality.  Once I got to the bottom I began to remerge with the Actuality.

I know it may sound a bit confusing at first, but like I said, so is my life story.  I'm gonna write a book about it so be sure to subscribe to the email list to receive a notice when it drops.

I've always been the peculiar one in the family, I'm pretty much the black sheep on both sides of my family.  Mainly because I still question things around me, dive deeper than most and uphold that truth is the authority instead of authority being the truth.

I've experienced being stripped from all that you hold dear, witnessed a traumatic accidental death, I know what it feels like to not be wanted and passed off to the next, I now what it is to be shy and observant, or to be wild and out of control.  The range of my experiences swing from one end of the extreme to the next.

What Part Do You Play In The Script?

I'm sometimes called the professor or the philosopher, depending on who you're talking to (Other names have been excluded for viewers protection.)  After dedicated over a decade of taking care of the mentally disabled and elderly, I'm just a person that enjoys helping when I can.  This seems to be true rather its my immediate family or my global one.  Shifting my focus to the masses now,  I've been on this planet for a little over 13,000 days and during this time I think I've figured out some things about this place that some might want to know.

ABOUT the review

What Role Do I Play In Your Script?

Looking beyond the concepts created before I joined this Planetary family, I simply want to know what's causing the mental disconnect in the realization that we're all family. Is it Politics? Religion? The lack of knowledge of who we are? How we're interconnected? Comment below.

5 Skeleton In My Closet

 I blew up the microwave the day after the 4th of July by trying to dry fireworks after a rainy day.

I broke my brother telescope when I was younger trying to reverse engineer it.

I shitted myself one day in  middle school because I caught the stomach virus.

I've witnessed what I believe to have been an UFO

I didn't have sex until I was 18 yrs old.  Some would say I was a late bloomer, but back then I was extremely shy.

5 Things I Believe

The only thing I have the right to attempt too control is my Internal Kingdom.

I believe people are full of B.S!  All "Belief Systems" can be transcended if a higher truth is revealed. 

If we were cellphones, half the random apps running on us would be deleted by now.

In-depth knowledge of the pseudo-sciences like astrology, numerology, chakras, etc. can help reveal our shadow self.

If there was ever such thing as man's authority, it could only be found in a reflection.  As Bruce LeRoy would say, "I am the master."
About Our journey to earth

5 Things Hard To Believe

I was born with red hair but some type of way they turned into freckles all over my body.

I've had more than 9 near death situations, witness a traumatic death at age 9,  and lived in 9 different cities.

Our family helped over 80 foster children & now we have over 16 members reunited with family again.  I didn't know it at the time, it shaped my global beliefs about who we are.

I've never "cheated" on anyone since the age of 16, that was the year of becoming emotionally conscious, or tapping into the EQ.

I've known the Love of my life, literally since the day she was born.  The first words I ever uttered to her was, "My baby" (*According to legend.)

5 Insights About Life

We're the Rainbow! Just like the droplets of rain collectively experiencing the moment, we individually come to a splatter.  Our body is just the mist that allows our brilliance to be seen.

Nothing is as it seems, our senses define Reality but Actuality does not exist within the confinements of such limitations.  

Men do not make law they make statues.  Laws cannot be broken, for not even the heavenly bodies are exempt from the "Law" of Cause and Effect. 

We are forever evolving.  Passing from the macro to the micro and back into macro to repeat the evolving process of Spiritual evolution. Born by a mother to be buried into another.

Earth is the inverted version of what we're made of.  Showing us what's possible once we achieve harmony with all the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Earth, and Spirit surrounding and within us.
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