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In case you visit us while we’re not at home, here’s a manual to the kingdom.  It pretty much gives you the layout of each section but if you stick around long enough, you’ll get the feel of things.

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11 Feb, 2018

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How to deal with complaining

Adventures Of Sparkville Since the last time we spoke I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations with people.  One in particular was dealing with complainers.  Today I’ll be sharing a few insights about a conversation that took place, once you’re done listening to the show be sure to leave a few…

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Overcoming The Struggle

The Struggle Is Real Listen To More Podcast What’s good family, todays article is about overcoming the struggle.  It was inspired by a family member that’s been going through it and agreed to share their story with the rest of the family. From what they’re telling me, the “struggle is…

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Parasites Are you being attacked by parasites?  It’s only when you attempt to better yourself that the “worms” become activated. Things such as getting in shape, eating healthier, or refusing to use hair or body chemicals are just small examples on an infinite scale of examples being brought to light…

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