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What’s The Purpose Of This Site?

At the end of the day what motivates you to do what you do?  Speaking of, when you do happen to get that slither of spare time throughout the day how do you use it?  My purpose in life is very simple, gather the information that fuels my aspiration in life and share my thought about it with others.


I also find that I’m completely in my element when helping others get out of self sabotaging situations.  For those that are truly looking for change, I’m able to help them rekindle their inner greatness by giving them personal consultation and providing resources that will put them in a place of power.


If there’s a page I’d recommend off the entire site it would be this one, so be sure to check out Exposing the Dark to gain access to key masters and  gatekeepers along your path.

How To Use The Site

Being that this is living site (meaning the more I learn the more the site expands) we’ve attempted to write a post that lays out what each tab consist of and how it may be of use to you. You can check that out right here or continue browsing until you find your path.

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Asking Questions About A.I

If A.I Becomes Citizens Do Humans Become Slaves? The Rise of A.I is generating waves across the net, so during our last episode we brought up the topic about the Sexbot being promoted.  We touched on Harmony, Samantha, frigid Farrah, and the young thot bot that’s “willing and ready” to…

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Bad Boys Bad Boys, What We Gonna Do?

Does the C in cop stand for confusing you?   I’m a painter but if I worked with a contractor that is known for stealing or something worse I wouldn’t stop working, I just wouldn’t work with them or anyone that supported them. I say this bc some police are…

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Let’s Take A Tour

Navigating The Site Hey family how’s it going?  before getting started, we just wanted to take the time to thank you for joining the site and becoming part of our family.  Just like a construction site, things are kinda messy, in the wrong place, or behind schedule. Some of you…

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